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Lymphedema patients have unique needs, and that’s why our therapy treatments are designed to cater to each individual’s specific requirements.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation
Customized support to aid recovery after surgery or illness, promoting strength and mobility.
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Unlock Your Path to Recovery with Personalized Lymphedema Treatment Plans

Lymphedema is a pesky chronic condition that sneaks up primarily on the heroic survivors of breast cancer, the morbidly obese, and those with cardiac, renal, and liver conditions. It also has a liking for patients suffering from venous insufficiency and those with venous ulcers. But no more!
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Dr of physical therapy with lymphedema patient

We’re more than just a clinic. We’re a team dedicated to helping you reclaim control over your body and life. We treat the person, not just the condition, and we’re committed to helping you navigate the complexities of the healthcare system.

— Specialized Lymphedema Treatments

We offer evidence-based lymphedema medical treatment to enhance the quality of life for you or your family members.

Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT)

The gold standard in lymphedema treatment, we’re geared up to slow down progression.

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Manual lymph drainage (MLD)

To boost your internal “waste management” pumping mechanism.

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Short Stretch Compression Bandaging

This enhances the flow of lymph nodes and prevent re-occurrences.

Skincare and Self-management Education

We equip you with the tools to manage your condition. 

Lymphedema can be Managed

Reducing swelling, improving your appearance, and even making your clothes fit better are all within reach!

Get ready to feel reenergized and improve your overall quality of life. We see lymphedema for what it truly is – a manageable condition, not a life sentence.

An individualized lymphedema program with achievable goals for 6-12 weeks can make a world of difference for you and your loved ones affected by lymphedema.
Happy Families, Happy Stories
We provide not just assistance, but genuine companionship, ensuring your loved one’s comfort, happiness, and well-being.
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We provide not just assistance, but genuine companionship, ensuring your loved one’s comfort, happiness, and well-being.

Lower Limb Lymphedema and its 4 stages
Lymphedema Therapy

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a chronic condition where abnormal accumulation of protein-rich fluid accumulates in the subcutaneous tissue, commonly occurring in the extremities, face, neck, trunk, abdomen, genitalia, and internal organs.

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Get ready for a fresh start with the latest treatment from a board-certified lymphedema therapist.

Call now to put lymphedema in its place and schedule a consultation. We’re all in this together – it’s time for lymphedema to meet its match.