When most people see a nasty wound, they cringe and turn away. But not Dr. Nilma Z. Elias Santiago. As a doctor of physical therapy specializing in wound care, she sees an opportunity to help and improve her most hopeless patients’ lives. In January 2020, she opened her first private practice, the Integumentary Physiotherapy Clinic, offering lymphedema therapy, ostomy, and wound care services. Learn more about Dr. Santiago’s expertise, how she treats her patients, and her goal to train others in the field.

Dr. Santiago’s positive outlook on healing is refreshing. She believes that the worse the wound, the better the outcome she can achieve. Her clinic specializes in treating chronic wounds, upper and lower extremity lymphedema, and ostomy care. Lymphedema is an extreme swelling condition that often occurs from cardiac issues or cancer treatments. Dr. Santiago treats this condition using Complete Decongestive Therapy, electrical stimulation, and low-level laser therapy.

Dr. Santiago’s clinic name, Integumentary Physiotherapy, maybe a mouthful, but it was deliberately chosen to get the word out about her specialty. In addition to her private practice, she aims to train others in the field. Her goal is to open an institute where she can teach and share her expertise with others and help them fall in love with physical therapy as much as she did. She doesn’t want us to lose this skill.

Dr. Santiago’s outlook on her practice is simply beautiful. She has seen firsthand how her treatments can improve her patients’ lives, and nothing is more fulfilling than seeing them hug her and cry after the treatment. Dr. Santiago approaches every patient with compassion, understanding that treatment can be uncomfortable and requires patience. She is always near and present to encourage and support her patients as they undergo treatment.

“I just fell in love with it,” says Dr. Santiago, who lives in Lake Mary with her husband two children, and a beagle named Duncan. “People come in here a little hopeless, and we give them hope and deliver on that hope. It makes me so happy and brings me joy to see people getting better.”

Dr. Santiago’s clinic services have been a great source of relief for individuals living with lymphedema or wounds. Her clients appreciate the warm and empathetic support provided by Dr. Santiago and her team. Her clinic has become a beacon of hope to many who thought that there would be no solution to their condition.

Dr. Nilma Z. Elias Santiago is an exceptional doctor dedicated to healing patients with lymphedema, ostomy, and wounds. Her work brings happiness and deep satisfaction to her patients. Dr. Santiago’s approach to treating patients is compassionate and empathetic, and her dedication to the field is inspiring. With her mission to train others, she ensures that the world will not lose the knowledge that can impact patients positively. We need more doctors like Dr. Santiago in the field, and we are honored to have her in our midst.

This article was originally posted in Lake Mary Life Magazine.