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The Integumentary Physiotherapy Clinic is a full-service outpatient physical therapy clinic in Central Florida, with offices in Longwood, specializing in lymphedema therapy, wound care and ostomy care. Our team will help you get back to the activities you enjoy!

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Dealing with chronic wounds, lymphedema, and ostomy care can be a difficult and overwhelming process. Finding the right outpatient physical therapy clinic that specializes in these areas can be a challenge, leaving patients feeling frustrated and unsure of where to turn for help.

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Dr of Physical Therapy Nilma Z. Elías Santiago (Left) with Linda Roth Penino

Lonwood’s Physical Rehab Center

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The struggle to find the right care can lead to delays in healing, prolonged pain, and a decrease in quality of life. It’s time-consuming to navigate multiple clinics and providers, not knowing if they truly understand your unique needs.

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A key to effective treatment is effective multi-disciplinary collaboration

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Outpatient Physical Therapy Services

One of Central Florida’s top-rated outpatient physical therapy clinic.

Our practice specializes in lymphedema therapy, wound care, and ostomy care, providing comprehensive and tailored treatments to help you get back to the activities you enjoy.

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Lymphedema Therapy →

Expert techniques for swelling reduction and mobility improvement.

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Wound Care & Management →

Minimize complications with a wound care certified therapist.

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Ostomy Care & Support →

Specialized ostomy care services to ease your journey.

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Outpatient Rehabilitation →

Get back to your best self with us with our top rated physical therapy center.

Comprehensive Physical Medical Rehab

We treat the whole person not just the symptoms

We believe in collaboration and treating the whole person, not just the symptoms. Our dedicated team works closely with each patient, utilizing expert techniques for swelling reduction, mobility improvement, and wound care to minimize complications and promote optimal healing.

Get Patient-centered Physical Therapy Backed by 15 Years of Experience

With Dr. Elias Santiago, a state-licensed physical therapist in Florida, leading the way with his specialized certifications in wound care, ostomy, and lymphedema therapies, you can trust that you’re in capable hands.

Dr. Elias Santiago, brings a unique skill set to patient care with her specialized certifications in wound care, ostomy, and lymphedema therapies. The clinic stands out with its patient-centered approach, leveraging over fifteen years of experience to deliver precise, effective treatment for complex and chronic conditions. 

We utilize innovative methodologies like electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, and low-level laser therapy to go beyond standard physiotherapy services and provide exceptional care.
All the answers to your condition empower you to live life to the fullest.
  • Timely appointments in person or virtual with one-to-one care

  • Comprehensive evaluations so you can get all the answers you need

  • Emphatic and compassionate provider who happens to be a board-certified expert

  • Electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, low-level laser therapy other advanced physical therapy interventions

  • Highly engaged staff fully committed to your wellbeing

  • Strong referral and professional network to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration


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Physical Therapy is a transformative journey that involves patient stories, advancements, and tips for maintaining physical health, fostering resilience and triumph in the process.

Lower Limb Lymphedema and its 4 stages
Lymphedema Therapy

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a chronic condition where abnormal accumulation of protein-rich fluid accumulates in the subcutaneous tissue, commonly occurring in the extremities, face, neck, trunk, abdomen, genitalia, and internal organs.

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