Wound Care

Wound Care


Patients with chronic, complex or recurring wounds can take advantage of physical therapy interventions for wound care that have been proven to facilitate wound healing in less time than with wound dressings alone. 

Pressure injuries, diabetic foot ulcers, burns, infected incisions, among other types of wounds, can be treated with physical therapy interventions along with special wound dressings to help you and speed-up healing. At Integumentary Physiotherapy Clinic we will offer exclusive physiotherapy interventions used in wound care management like hydrotherapy, sharp debridement, electrical stimulation, laser, etc., among others. 

These impairments affecting the integumentary system usually result in functional limitations causing decreased independence in your daily activities. In addition to wound care, functional mobility will be targeted to ensure that any limitations caused by having a wound are addressed as part of a comprehensive wound care plan. 

The prevention, education, and treatment provided by physical therapists with a clinical specialization in wound care will impact positively both functional mobility and the quality of life for those diagnosed with any type of wound.